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Kosovo Art Academy in cooperation with the Italian Art Academy LABA Firenze has created a strong collaboration based on the model of teaching and goals to achieve for a creative worker who is stepping in the European creative market.

We have a Prishtina's based Italian professors leading our main three academic departments in collaboration with our best local professional that together, with several years of teaching and working experience are bringing the learning methods and philosophy of Photography, Product and Industrial Design and Branding e Graphic Design Multimedia on completely new levels.


arts, society and mission

"Kosovo Art Academy creates a transformative academic environment that provides a high level of teaching, artistic creativity and research in the arts disciplines using new technologies, to highlight the full potential of students and teachers in order to create, cultivate and evolve in the field of contemporary art and design in Kosovo and in the Balkan region".

The mission of the Kosovo Art Academy is to provide the highest level of teaching and research with the aim of qualitative artistic formation associated with new technologies, for students wishing to pursue their career in the creative industries.

We aim to promote the Kosovo artistic identity on the same level of the Italian, European and international art style, meeting the needs of our regions as well as a more cosmopolitan creative market.


A renewed

a)  Organize modern and efficient academic and technological study paths of European and international level


b)  Contribute to the regional artistic and scientific/technological research through the exploration and adaptation to new technologies


c)  Create stable and efficient collaboration with the local and regional association and companies, leaders in the field of photography, graphic design and design sectors for the benefit of our students, our economy and our country Artistic Identity



innovation meets


Creative Ambitions


 becoming an avant-garde European centre for arts

"The Kosovo Art Academy wants to establish itself as a modern and respected institution that offers a high level of teaching and research within the artistic and creativity panorama. Acting as a stable partner for local businesses, international realities, higher education institutions, and community, as a promoter of contemporary art development and as a supporter of sustainable regional art development”

new born

We want to offer our students the availability to grow in the Academy, not only through a Bachelor program but giving them the chance to follow postgraduate courses with us through constant collaboration with other European and international Higher Educational Institutes giving the chance also to follow an academic year or semester abroad in a University that shares similar paths (as it’s already happening with LABA Firenze), and just like this, encouraging international exchanges through the Erasmus Programme.

Our vision does not end here, we have already moved into a bigger location to have more spaces to develop newer laboratories and facilities. We have already introduced the new lab with 3D printer programs and the new Library and research facilities. It has been doubled up the number of Classes and Academy offices. The academy has also opened bigger and better-furnished Fashion design workshops with an active connection with the new photography studios and modelling workshops.


We are in the process of creating a new 21st-century library, creatively and flexibly designed to support a 2.0 learning environment fully equipped with a physical and digital version of our books and different space of studies. Students, based on the tasks they are facing will have the opportunity to choose for more silent spaces or accommodate their needs on common study areas to develop team projects.




Our strategic

Kosovo Art Academy for the year 2020 - 2021 has added specializations within its new study programs that offer something new in the Eastern Balkan countries and has engaged and relocated full-time staff experts from Italy who have exceptional academic and professional experience in the field of Arts as well as in the field of Graphic Design & Multimedia, Product and Fashion Design, Web Design, Interior Design, Photography and Video, and creative industries in general.




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