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From the agreement with LABA Firenze,  23rd of March 2020

Letter of Institutional Partnership

Dear Kosovo Art Academy,

According to the agreement in place between our Academy Laba Firenze (hereinafter LABA), represented by Chairman Carlo Nigi and our Partner Kosovo Art Academy (hereinafter KAA),


Per the force of this Agreement:

- LABA Firenze recognizes and supports the program of studies of Kosovo Art Academy as alike with the same Programs of Studies conducted by LABA.

- LABA Firenze Recognize KAA diploma status through the path of studies in BA Photography, BA in Design, BA in Graphic Design and, and will provide the Bachelor Diploma Certification from LABA Firenze, which has European Recognization and Validation, in accordance with the up to date legislation in this matter of the Republic of Kosovo and Italy.

To get the Double Diploma Accreditation the student should attend a full academic year (the third year) in LABA and Discuss its final Exam/Dissertation at LABA.

The Ministry of the Italian University (MIUR), will be informed of the Double Diploma Accreditation program, between LABA and KAA.


- LABA Firenze agrees to actively support the Academic Senate and the Academic Body of KAA with the involvement of Professors and Students from LABA and Kosovo Art Academy, in Italy and Kosovo with the organization of projects, expositions, students exchange programs etc. aimed to enrich both Artistic, Cultural and Creative Culture.

Confirming everything stated above,


Florence, 23/03/2020

Dr Carlo Nigi

President of LABA Firenze