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The mission of quality assurance at the Academy is to create an overall quality culture for KAA staff and students, through policies and procedures proven in the European Higher Education Area, thus impacting an atmosphere of quality cultivation in all the activities of the Academy.


Kosovo Art Academy was born under the auspices of an ideal aimed at protecting the authenticity and freedom of expression as important human values. Its activity is guided by an ethical and civic premise: in the belief that beauty and functionality are primary elements, concretizing in works and objects of art that improve the quality of life at an individual and collective level.


The Academy has its foundations that consist of tradition and innovation. Thus, aiming at a cultural promotion, which at the same time is a method of in-depth knowledge of the artistic expressions of the present and the past, hence an incentive for research and expertise of the techniques of expressing and multimedia communication.


The Academy aims to provide its students with the skills that promote their creativity. The new professions require specific, but competent skills, to be constantly updated and modernized, adapting to the needs of the territory and future goals, which should be able to support these needs not only at the local but also at the inter-regional and European level.


Kosovo Art Academy, with the continued collaboration in force with the Academy of Fine Arts L.A.B.A. Firenze, aims to establish professional and qualitative staff from its fields of study programs based on principles, dedication and the high preparation of teaching and learning, as the fundamental priorities of the Academy, through the collaboration contracts that the Academy has made with several manufacturing institutions and enterprises in Kosovo and the region, in order to provide the student with direct access to specialized employment strictly connected to the field of creative studies.



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