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Be part of a Community made by Students and lead by students: KAA Student Assembly

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The Mission of Student Council

Article 1


The Board of Directors of Kosovo Art Academy supports the establishment of the students’ organization. The mission of the organization is for students to make a valuable contribution to their educational experience with their active participation.



The Students Assembly

Article 2


1) The main institutional lead students organization shall be called the Students Assembly of the Kosovo Art Academy, referred also as Student Union or Student Council (hereinafter Students Assembly)

2) The Students Assembly shall be recognized and involved by the Kosovo Art Academy and shall have spaces available for meeting and activities in the Academy building.

3) The purposes of the Student’s Council shall be:


1. To be decisional involved and informed in any academic council or board and represent at least 25% of involved members.

2. To help every student learn how to accomplish the mission of the Kosovo Art Academy

3. To improve the communication between the students and the Academy through fellowship and trust over the common interests;

4. To promote the unity of the students through assisting clubs, small groups, and services...


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KAA - Regulation on Student Organization

KAA - Intellectual Property Policy

KAA - Student Personal Data - Capture, Retention and Disposal

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Graphic Design & Multimedia

> Bachelor Degree Programme in

> Bachelor Degree Programme in
Photography & Video

Kosovo Art Academy Elected members of The Student Union

Granit Kutllovci

Representative of Design


Gent Luta

Representative of Photography


Kaltrina Berisha


Representative of Graphic Design & Multimedia


Edona Murtezaj

Head of KAA
Student Assembly

Shqipton Qestaj

Secretary of KAA
Student Assembly

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